What is LONG - TIME-LINEAR (Micropigmantation)?

Long Time Liner Micropigmentation is one of the most familiar methods used in permanent makeup applications. This method, developed approximately 25 years ago in Munich, Germany, was prepared with a team of doctors, cosmetologists, makeup artists and beauticians. This technique, known as the semi-permanent make-up technique, aims to obtain seamless results with a safe micropigmentation method. To summarize in general, long time liner micropigmentation is done with a medical machine with needles at the tip. Natural dyes with no harm to the skin are put on the device and the skin is applied under the skin with the needles at the end. Permanent make-up applications with this method both create a natural appearance and are harmless and permanent for a long time.

Every woman wants to see herself better than the previous day. Sometimes when our own eyebrows, lips are deformed over time and the signs of aging disturb us, we want to make huge differences with small touches.

This is no longer a dream, it's a reality. Permanent makeup applications are the biggest assistant of women in this regard. Permanent make-up comes to the fore as one of the most frequently used methods especially for women who have time shortage but want to look well-groomed.

What is Permanent Eye Makeup? 

Permanent makeup will not harm your skin, it is the operation done by needle with the help of natural dyes in the upper area of ​​the skin. In a way, this application, which looks like a tattoo, actually has huge differences from a tattoo. The most important difference is that it is permanent in the short term, not in your life, as it is applied to the epidermis. Permanent makeup applications can be applied to the eyes, eyebrows, lips.

Different techniques are used in permanent makeup applications. The most preferred techniques are microblading and micropigmentation.

Kalıcı Makyaj micro

Application Areas of Long Time Liner Micro Pigmentation Technique

Long-time liner micro pigmentation studies known as semi-permanent make-up are applied to different regions. Permanent eyebrow makeup, eyebrow contour, permanent eyeliner, permanent lip makeup and permanent eye makeup are the main ones of these application areas.

Long Time Liner Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrows that change the expression of our face, our facial expressions and our appearance in general and make our gaze more effective are perhaps one of the most remarkable areas on our face. Some of us may have less frequent or thin eyebrows due to stress, aging or genetic reasons. Most of us do not have time to do eyebrow makeup between intense work tempo and everyday running. Long time liner permanent eyebrow makeup comes into play here and saves us from a big problem. Permanent eyebrow makeup is one of the most preferred permanent makeup applications.


Who is Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Applied? Who does not apply to?

 Permanent eyebrow makeup with hair technique can be applied to anyone who is not satisfied with the shape of their eyebrows. permanent eyebrow makeup in general; micropegmentation application

Those who want to have thick eyebrows

Those who are not satisfied with the shape of the eyebrow

Eyebrows fall out or sparse

Those who want to close the wounds on the eyebrow

Those who do not want to spend time on eyebrow makeup

Those who work intensely or do sports, swim actively and experience sweating are more preferred.

Permanent eyebrow make-up does not harm the skin and leaves no permanent damage since natural dyes are used. However, some people should not have permanent eyebrow makeup.

Who Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Who does not apply to?

  • People who are pregnant and breastfeeding
  • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the treatment process
  • Those with open wounds (keloid) on
  • Those with fungal and similar diseases
  • Under the age of 18
  • Those allergic to paint
  • People with bleeding, clotting disorders
  • People with epilepsy and diabetes
  • People with anemia, hepatitis and hemophilia problems
  • Menstrual period 3 days before and 3 days after
  • When there is an active herpes in the lip area,
  • People with these discomfort on skin lesions (eczema, warts and fungi) should not have permanent make-up micropigmantation, microblading. 


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