Born in Sarıyer, Istanbul in 1987, Çelen is a mother of 1 girl, 11 years old. Gül Çelen has been working in the field of beauty for more than 12 years. After his education life, he completed his academic fields abroad and has all the necessary certificates. While continuing his studies in this field, he gave internship to beautician students.

Over a period of more than 12 years, he has established the management of diet & beauty departments and esthetician centers in different hospitals. In addition, he personally continued the permanent make-up and skin care of his guests.
Owned in Istanbul Şişli in 2016 ROSE & MOON Beauty Center He has established.
He has expertise especially in permanent makeup and skin care. By developing different methods and techniques, he has done very successful works in these fields.

He always prioritized his respect for education and profession.

Apart from Permanent Makeup and Skin Care applications, Çelen, who also has a certificate of expertise in Regional Slimming and Laser Hair Removal, claims that success always comes from the kitchen of the business. The job you do not know is not your job, it is just a business that you look at.
"If you know the job, if you are in it and you came from the kitchen of this job, he said that your success continues to increase every day."
Gül Çelen, who carried out professional works in the name of health and beauty at many points in Istanbul, pleased thousands of people with her works.
Health and beauty

Gül Çelen, who looks at people with a great touch perspective that positively changes their lives, has always prioritized customer satisfaction.

He always states that he wants to offer the most suitable application and technique for the client, by meeting the people at the beauty center where he is the founder, and by understanding the client clearly in a conversation.

Regardless of the procedure you will make on your body or face, see the person's case studies and ask for the certificates of the expert, saying that this is your most natural right and wants to make the last call.