Women who want their lips to look more prominent and thicker generally apply lip contours.

Women who work at an intense tempo and who do not have time to make up every day make permanent the job of permanent eye makeup and permanent lip makeup after permanent eyebrow makeup. And because women use too much lipstick and get rid of smoking, pigment losses are experienced on the lips. What is permanent lip makeup?


What is Permanent Lip Makeup

Permanent lip makeup is a pigmentation procedure applied around the lips with a needle. This process is applied thinly and makes your lips look thicker and more prominent than they are. With the permanent lip makeup, the pale appearance on the lip is removed, scars, pigment spaces are easily filled and deficiencies are completed.

If you are going to have permanent lip makeup, remember that color selection is very important. When choosing a color, be sure to choose as little dark satin as close to your original lip color as much as possible. This will provide a more natural and beautiful appearance.

Permanent lip contour application also makes your lips look thinner. According to your wish, fuller, thinner, more pronounced or more colorful permanent makeup can be applied.

When applying permanent lip makeup, make sure that the specialist who will perform the application is professional and that the paints used, the pigmentation machine are certified and sterile.

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